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My Patients’ Experiences

Testimonials: Testimonials

Always responds in a timely manner and calms my anxieties. He is a very good listener and has a refreshing sense of humor.


Avrahom is very generous with his time and makes sure to focus on the issues that I am concerned with. He’s a good listener and gives well-rounded feedback. He is friendly and personable. I highly recommend working with him.


From the start of communication Avrahom made it easy to get in touch. He provided me with resources to strengthen communication with my partner. Thanks to our sessions I’ve been able to share things with my partner that I thought I’d never be able to share. I strongly recommend working with Avrahom.


Avrahom is someone who shares a lot of love and care for those he cares for. He is astute in determining the issue. He is culturally sensitive which is rare to find. He has love. He sets clear boundaries. He is very professional and diplomatic with language and communication style. He works very hard. Sometimes I feel he is able to feel exactly how I feel, as if he were me. He’s a capable person and strong person. He has his style of therapy but is also open to adjust to your unique need and comfort levels to healing. God bless him.


I've had a lot of therapy throughout my life on and off. I very clearly have an idea of the kind of therapists I like and the ones I don't. Avrahom is definitely one of the best I've had. He's non-judgemental, patient, he understands the session is about your agenda and not his, he's sensitive to cultural issues, he listens with depth and understanding, and I can definitely tell he's in this field for the right reasons. I would highly recommend him to just about anyone! And I am saying this both as his client and as a Therapist myself. If I give a recommendation it's not often, but I would definitely recommend Avrahom to people.


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